The QKORE grounding system is the most effective, comprehensive grounding solution in the consumer electronics market. When introduced to a hifi audio system, the results are immediate and dramatic— the noise floor drops, the increase in harmonic accuracy and clarity is unmistakable, and the overall musicality in system performance is elevated. Every aspect of Nordost’s QKORE grounding system is thoughtfully designed and manufactured in the USA to the highest standards in the industry, in order to ensure product quality and customer satisfaction. 



Information Sheet

Learn all about the QKORE, how it works, what it does, and what distinguishes the three models.


Instruction Manual

Learn how to incorporate the QKORE into your system for optimal results.



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When you power on your home audio system and turn it up, you don’t just bring the noise, chances are, you’ve got too much of it already in the form of AC-born (-/e) electrical noise. The AC power line is the lifeblood of a home audio system and its quality is critical to a system’s ultimate performance no matter how well designed the power supplies of your individual components. But what you are hearing (and therefore not hearing, as it were) is a function of...
Publication: SoundStage! Australia
Date:  June 2018
Reviewer:  Peter Katsoolis



I thought I’d gone about as far as you could to eliminate noise and hash riding on the power lines. It now turns out that I was quite wrong. Nordost’s Michael Taylor visited this somewhat skeptical reviewer, and the conversion process went rather quickly. Facts, as Thomas Gradgrind likes to say in Dickens’ Hard Times, are what boys and girls need. And in this instance, the cold hard fact is that the introduction of the Nordost QKore parallel grounding device into my...
Publication: the absolute sound 
Date:  May/June 2018
Reviewer:   Jacob Heilbrunn



Every home has a main electrical safety ground, as required by all electrical building codes. Safety grounding is achieved by connecting the metallic casings of all electrical appliances to a ground conductor that leads to an earth ground. In the case of an audio system, components are connected to the safety ground via the ground pin of their three-pin power cords. While this main ground network ensures safety, it also...
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Publication:  Son & Image Magazine
Issue:  Vol. 18 No. 6
Reviewer:   Michel Leroux



Equipment report from Audiotechnique, Hong Kong...
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Publication: Audiotechnique
Issue/Date:  No. 433  October 2017
Reviewer:  Martin Leung



Mickelson QKORE_Review_newsletter
Even with the breakneck pace of advancement in the consumer-electronics industry, high-end audio has remained rather staid, the not too-recent rise of high-resolution file playback notwithstanding. Playing records, the most ancient of recording media, is as hot now as it has ever been since the advent of digital. The majority of speakers still. . .
Publication:  The Audio Beat
Date:  July 5, 2017
Reviewer:   Marc Mickelson



Sometimes we as journalists are privy to way prior to their launch. Such is the case with Nordost’s QKORE trio of ground units. I was told about these at CES this year, but was so sworn to secrecy that they appeared as ‘Nordost stuff’ and later ‘Nordost Q Project’ on our internal planning documents. Even Nordost’s distributors will only learn of this product line by reading this review as the devices are released into the wild at Munich High End . . . 
Publication:  Hi-Fi+
Issue:  147
Reviewer:   Alan Sircom



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