Digital audio cables are arguably the most controversial component in hifi. As hifi audio cable manufacturers, when it comes to our digital cables, we are constantly asked two questions: “How do digital cables make a difference in a hifi system if all they do is send ones and zeros?” And, “How does the design of a digital cable help in the signal transfer?”

This informative download breaks down the answers to these questions, explains the technical challenges of digital audio data transmission, and lets you know what you should listen for when evaluating the merits of a digital audio cable, so that you can upgrade your digital cables with confidence. 

  • A comprehensive explanation of digital audio data transmission.
  • A clear explanation of the term “jitter”, how it is created, and how it affects the audio signal.
  • A breakdown of the four most important digital audio cable characteristics.
  • Insight on how aspects of cable design translate into audible results in performance.